Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Canyon Fun

So, I have to admit that I live in a pretty cool place. My office is right at the mouth of the canyon and some of the girls that I work with decided that it would be fun to head up there once a week. Well, winter kind of ruined that for us for a while but it is nice enough again that we were able to go yesterday. We had a blast! Leslie, Lana, and her son Cayden joined me for some good times. We rode up to Bridal Veil Falls and then headed back because the weather decided it was only going to cooperate for so long. It was great to be up there had been too long!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My kids

I haven't had the opportunity to have two-legged kids yet, but I am definitely a mother. I have always been a sucker for animals but for some reason, when one is supposed to be part of your life, you just know it. I've been VERY blessed to have some of the coolest "kids" ever.

1. Yeti-He is my sweet noodle! I first saw his pic online at the Oregon Humane Society and instantly knew that he was mine. I left work early that day after telling my boss that I found my dog and had to drive an hour and a half to adopt him before someone else did. (Luckily my boss was a dog lover himself!!!) Went and filled out the paperwork and had an adventure on the way home including my rockin' car dying along the way. He knows when I am having a hard day and will just lay by me as long as I need him to. He brings peace to my life in a way that few things do.

2. Moxy-She is the craziest dog I have ever met! I adpoted her while living in Hawaii and she has never let a dull moment creep into my life since. If you ever need Mox, just look for the nearest tennis ball and she can't be far away. She is full of energy, kisses, and tricks...her most recent being an awesome high-5. She is super obedient unless there is a bird or squirrel around at which point she loses all ability to hear anything I have to say. She makes my heart happy and I love having her spazziness make me smile and shake my head at the same time.

3. Hi'iaka-Crazy, spunky, brilliant, and sassy. I have had a connection with Hi'i from the first time I worked with her. She has this way of looking into your eyes and knowing exactly what you want her to do, including what you will let her get away with! I had the opportunity to work with her mom, sisters, and baby too and I assure you that spunkiness is definitely genetic in dolphins! She has a remarkable way of communicating how she is feeling that day, but also to know exactly how you are feeling that day too. Love that girl and miss her terribly.

4. Bo-Oh, Bozer, where to even begin with her. There are alot of jokes going around about Bo most of them having something to do with her on a short bus. I couldn't disagree anymore!!!! She is an amazing girl and has the capacity to be calm when everything around her is in chaos. She marches to her own drum which I love about her. My heart was forever changed when I saw this sweet girl with sunscreen on her forehead and heard her unique vocal (squeak might be a better way to describe it). It's gotta be hard to go from open ocean harbor patrol in San Diego to a tank in Hawaii, but she has pulled it off with impressive style. I truly believe she has changed the way that I look at life. I love her madly! This picture was the last that I took with her before I moved away from Hawaii and I still choke up each time I look at it and think about how much I miss her.

So, these are my kids. My life is better because they are in it. Some are close, some are not, but they have an amazing inpact on me and always will.

My first post!

So, trying to figure all this blog craziness out. I am excited to have a place to put down experiences and thoughts and pix that I can share with all of the people that I love. Fingers crossed that it turns out cool and not just boring for everyone. :D