Sunday, February 28, 2010

Australia part 2-Great Ocean Road

Wow how time flies! It has been months since I got back and I have only written about a few days of my trip. I need to finish so I don't lose the memories before I get them written down.

Between Melbourne and Adelaide, there is a road called the Great Ocean Road. I had wanted to go along here from the first time I had heard about it. My photos for some reason loaded backwards onto here so I'll explain about the trip even though it isn't necessarily in order...Mt. Arapiles behind the Kangaroo sign. This is a famous place for rock climbing. To be honest, I was more excited about the sign! It's funny to see a kangaroo crossing sign when here is the states, we are used to deer or cattle crossing signs.
We went to the Grampians National Park which was such a beautiful place. We hiked up to Mt. Williams which supposedly has a great look-out. As you can tell by the picture, the fog had different ideas for us. It was still a really cool hike and the girls that I went with were awesome! Sarah, Susan, Marissa, me, and Romy

Also in the Grampians is McKenzie Falls. It was such a cool waterfall! If it had been warm, it would be the perfect place to jump in the water for a swim.

This is the 12 Apostles. This whole coastline is made of sandstone and so it slowly erodes. They said about 2 cm per year. There used to be twelve of these huge rock formations standing in the water but over time, some of them have fallen. There are six left and they still are pretty breathtaking. We got there just before sunset on a rainy and cloudy day which made for some pretty amazing pictures. It really was an incredible place to be.

We hiked through the Otoway National Park which had some of the biggest trees I have ever seen. They also had these cool wooden walking paths that curved through the forest. It was pretty surreal.

Along the road, there were some wild koalas which were super fun to see. This one had a little baby with her. I tried to get pix of mom and baby both looking at me but for some reason, they never faced me at the same time. But the little munchkin was so cute that it was ok.

This is Bells's Beach where the Rip Curl Classic surfing competition is held every year. It is a beautiful beach and it made me wish that I was staying in Torquay (the little surfing town nearby) so that I could get some surfing in while I was there!
More Australia to come...