Friday, July 17, 2009

Adventures with birds. And pups.

I was told not long ago that from now on, I can only rescue kids and animals...interesting advice I know. (Long story which I can fill you in on if you really want to know...) But I got the chance recently to help out two animals that needed a little rescuing. First, a sweet little bird somehow got trapped in the chimney of my parents house. I had heard it in there and couldn't get it out. Then the flapping stopped so I though he flew out. Surprisingly, the next day I heard him in there still...not good. I kept trying to get to him but the flue is at a weird angle and I still couldn't reach him. Finally got a mirror and held it up over so I could see him. Then my brother kindly helped his crazy little sis and with four hands we were able to hold the mirror and flash light and get little bird out. He was pretty stressed and dehydrated but otherwise ok. After some water, he was good to go and he flew away. So cool!

Second, I came out of church two weeks ago and there was the cutest German Shepard just sitting there. She was dangerously skinny and was very skittish, especially around men (can't say I blame her. lol) I ran home and grabbed some dog food, water, and a leash. Went back and it took me two hours and the "help" of two cute little 10 year old boys (who I think were supposed to be in primary) to finally get her in the back of my suv. No vets are open around here on Sunday so my best bet was to take her to the Humane Society. They have been nursing her back to health and she is doing great! So if anyone wants a 1 1/2 year old sweet as can be pup, come and adopt her! I wish that I could but Orem City won't allow three dogs in one house without a special permit. Sad...
Anyway, I consider myself very blessed to get the opportunity to help these sweet animals! Plus, I followed the advice of someone who is very special in my life. Worked out well. :)